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HOMEWORK (9th March)
Visit the link following link http://edu.glogster.com/login/
Below are your login codes. Your password is below (you can change this once you've logged in).

Amber - I've given you a new Nickname and code. Let me know if you still have problems logging in.

  • Jesse Nickname: sxf3m7o Password: g61jv6t5cc
  • Carla Nickname: sundqz9 Password: qqhvh3dywg
  • Nini Nickname: spvau4z Password: 4icy7rog1i
  • Aaron Pitts Nickname: skn69bp Password: pitts
  • Amber Nickname: s4vjuyy Password: amber
  • Jamie Nickname: sfvrtso 2z909q4f27
  • Jordan Nickname: sadqbfn Password: jordan
  • Aaron Joyce Nickname: sknay7h bl9626hti1
  • Rhea Nickname: sbzh43o 5txwh6xjb0
  • Bernard Nickname: s9m89o3 Password: bernard
  • Mujtaba Nickname: sv8y4yw rnlpjzhkz
  • Bodhi Nickname: sssd2go Password: bodhi
James Nickname: s98n98m Password james
Chelsea Nickname: s35mq4r f7dsn0egb5

  • Nicole Nickname: suxy9a6 gc8nwe3uh8
  • Liam Nickname: senptcm Password: liam1
  • Pesith Nickname: sp4n7ct it8h8ltv93
  • Janine Nickname: sj2p4e4 2ka1445gbb
  • Tiger Nickname: s7e3yk8 c7u7ozb6tj
  • Russell Nickname: sunzmb3 Password: Russell
  • Jayden Nickname:szrppc2 Password: jayden
  • Sasha Nickname: s98n98m 2n8f3r29su
  • Samantha Nickname: safa5tj qdcivuoseh
  • Rebecca Nickname: s9oaksm 9gtx7cvz1i

Glogster lets you design an online poster, which enables you to add video, audio and photos to the poster (similar to the two examples I have designed above). Before next lesson, you will need to create your own Glog related to bullying. Include your advertisement in your Glog.
The clip below gives you an introduction on how to use Glogster, but let me know if you are having difficulties and I'll try to help!
Good luck. Look forward to seeing them next lesson.